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Insect Species of Western Oregon

Caddisflies - Trichoptera Caddis

Caddis flies are the predominent insect species on the North Santiam (that fish eat) with several sub-species hatching throughout the year.

Beginning in April the small speckled caddis hatch, followed by the McKenzie Caddis (spring), Summer Caddis (summer) and the October Caddis (fall). The adults live quite long, by bug standards, lasting up to a month before expiring.

Their larva and pupae (cased and free swimming) are available to trout year round.

Stoneflies - Plecoptera Stonefly

Several species of Stoneflies inhabit the North Santiam River - Skwala, Golden and the Giant Salmonfly varieties are common at different times of the year.

Trout will focus exclusively on these big bugs during the adult stage (hatch).

However, their adult life stage is so short that most anglers focus on the nymphs and use fly patterns that imitate the longer life stage, which are available to fish year round.

Mayflies - Ephemeroptera Mayfly

Mayflies hatch nearly year round on the North Santiam - Blue wing olives, march browns, yellow drakes, brown drakes and others are available to fish a good portion of the year.

Fly patterns that imitate their various life stages - nymphs, larva, and adult variations work well.

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