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After ten years of guiding wonderful clients on beautiful Oregon rivers, I'm entering a new phase in my life - that of a retired fly fishing guide! It's been an incredible journey. You can't ask for a better job than sharing something you love with others. I've had the pleasure of taking people from all over the world on guided fishing trips and in doing so, gained as much (or more) than I gave.

There's something special about being placed in a relatively small space with someone for 8-10 hours. You have no choice to communicate and give something of yourself. For my part, I hope I've shared my passion for fish, rivers and the world around us in a way that didn't make you secretly wish you could jump out of the boat and swim home. I hope you picked up a few things that will enable you to enjoy the sport of fly fishing or at the very least, find it less frustrating.

From you all, I've been able to learn a few things about angling and a lot of things about human nature. It amazes me how many thoughts, feelings and emotions can be expressed while spending a few hours on the water pursuing a fish that's hidden in the depths - the laughter, tears, smiles, groans, shouts, temper tantrums and the silent moments with nothing but the lapping of water on the side of the boat - those things will stick with with me and I'll always treasure them. Thank you all for allowing me a glimpse into your life, even if for a short while.

Oregon is full of great fly fishing guides and if I were to list them all, this page would be too long. That said, there are a couple people I suggest you contact when looking for your next fly fishing adventure here in Oregon:

Elke and Alysia Littleleaf
Littleleaf Guide Service
Warm Springs, Oregon

Elke and Alysia are amazing people that not only "talk the talk", but also "walk the walk". Their passion for our environment has few rivals - they are water protectors and stewards of the earth. They provide unique angling opportunities on the reservation waters of the Deschutes River in and around Warm Springs.

Joel La Follette
Royal Treatment Fly Fishing
West Linn, Oregon

Joel has his finger on the pulse of everything fly fishing related and can put you in contact with a number of great guides (and awesome people) that care deeply for the sport, their rivers and their fish.

If you see me on the North Santiam River or Nestucca Estuary in the coming years, give me a shout and a wave. I'll be the guy in the green raft untangling his own flies and blaming the wind for the knots in my tippet......


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