Feels like Fall

This is the time of year when many fly anglers start to feel overwhelmed. Fly anglers with ADHD can be found curled up in a ball under their desk, rocking back and forth and mumbling.  Why? There are just too many options and the clock is ticking.big_hole_fall
October Caddis are sealed off now and will begin hatching soon.  Big trout all over the west will be feasting on this bug to bulk up for winter.  Hope you’re stocked up on Yak Caddis.

Steelhead are moving into the “dry side” rivers in good numbers.  The Dechutes River fish are in and it won’t be long until runs start in the John Day, Grand Ronde and move on up to Idaho’s Clearwater River.

In the Willamette Valley, following a horrible summer, the rivers are cooling off and some late summer/fall steelhead are coming in.  The (very) few that came in this spring/summer will be getting “trouty” and start looking up – skating dries will take some patience, but the rewards are worth it.

We’re not expecting a huge run of Coho in the valley this year, but there will be a few fish around and those silvers love to pounce on flies.  They may be my favorite anadromous fish – hard fighting, acrobatic and great tasting.

Coastal Rivers (Estuary/Tidewater) are on fire right now.  Chrome bright Chinook are coming in on the tides and are kind of “stuck”, waiting for the big fall rains to come so they can move up river to do their thing.  When your arm gets tired of fighting these monsters, pick up a 4 or 5 wt. and chase Sea Run Cutthroat in the same water! This is where I’ve been focusing lately and instead of droning on and on with a fishing report, a few pics will say what needs said.

Estuary Cutthroat
Estuary Cutthroat
Fish On!
Chinook On!
In the Net
Chrome Bright Nookie
Bent Rod
Bent Rods and aching arms
Not yet, got another run left in him.
Ready for the Net

Stats for the past weekend:  13 adult Chinook hooked, 3 adult Chinook in the net, 2 Chinook Jacks hooked and netted as well.

Note:  The local sea lion stole several fish, keep an eye out for him!

If you happen to be a hunter as well as an angler, I pity you right now.  Deer, Elk, and Bird seasons have started or will start soon.  Whatever your passion, get out there and get with it!

Stop by the Native Fish Society Booth this Sunday evening at the UPRIVER event at Salem Waterfront Park and say hi!

Tight lines and Keep ’em wet!



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