Glyphosate doesn’t kill people, people who use it do…

This week the EPA reaffirmed the use of Glyphosate, a widely used herbicide and main ingredient in Roundup weed killer, as safe and not proven to cause cancer or other health concerns when used as directed. This is great news for Bayer, owner of Monsanto – a company that has brought us such wonderful things […]

We’re from the Government and we’re here to Save the Day!

Late last year the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACOE) correctly decided to end it’s subsidy that funded a Skamania Summer Steelhead program on the North Santiam River. Since the early 1970’s, millions of these out of basin, invasive fish have been dumped into Upper Willamette Basin rivers under the pretense that doing so would […]

Cyanotoxins in the North Santiam Watershed

Cyanobateria are one of the largest and most important bacteria on Earth.  There was no life on land until the Cyanobacteria began releasing oxygen billions of years ago.  Cyanobacteria are found in most all fresh and saltwater environments around the world. For the past couple of weeks, the City of Salem (Oregon) has issued warnings […]

Scotch Broom and Spring Chinook

Excerpt from Wikipedia:  Scotch Broom (C. scoparius) has been introduced into several other continents outside its native range (western and central Europe) and is classified as a noxious invasive species in California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and parts of the east coast of North America. These shrubs commonly grow in disturbed areas and along utility […]