Fishing Journal 02/16/2015 – Metolius River, Oregon

The Metolius River is one of the cooler places to visit here in Oregon.  It bubbles out of the ground near Black Butte, fed by by snow melt seeping through volcanic rock.  This gives it a very constant temperature and rate of flow, making it a year round fishing destination. The river and surrounding area […]

British Columbia Mining

Six months after the Mt. Polley mine tailing pond disaster, the company (Imperial) gains approval to start another similar mine further north – near the headwaters of one of Alaska’s rivers.  Six other mines are also planned or are operating in this region! Alaska will see little to no economic benefit from these mines, the […]

Unpopular at the Boat Ramp

I say and do a lot of things that make me pretty unpopular on the river.  The same things that usually won’t get me invited back to do a 2nd presentation at the local fishing association meetings. It’s not that I’m rude, loud, obnoxious or otherwise an annoyance to society, it’s that I’m not shy […]