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Bug Hatches

Midges (Chironomidae)


Midges (Chironomid) are a family of nematoceran flies with a global distribution. Many species resemble mosquitoes but they lack the wing scales and mouthparts of the mosquitoe. This is a large group of insects with over 5000 described species and 700 species in North America alone. Males are easily recognized by their antennae. Adults are sometimes known as "lake flies" in parts of Canada, as "sand flies", "muckleheads", or "muffleheads" in various regions of the Great Lakes area, and as "blind mosquitoes" in Florida.

Larvae can be found in almost any aquatic or semiaquatic habitat, including treeholes, bromeliads, rotting vegetation, soil, and in sewage and artificial containers. Larvae of some species are bright red in color due to a hemoglobin analog; these are often known as "bloodworms".

Larvae and pupae are important as food items for fish such as trout and other aquatic organisms. The flying midges themselves are also eaten by fish, and insectivorous birds such as swallows and martins.

They are also important as indicator organisms, i.e., the presence, absence, or quantities of various species in a given body of water can indicate whether pollutants may be present. Their fossils are also widely used by palaeolimnologists as indicators of past environmental changes, including past climatic changes.
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December 2018

Fish Species:
  Rainbow Trout
  Cutthroat Trout

Bug Species:
Various Caddis
Various Mayflies
Various Stoneflies

Fly Patterns
Metal Butt Skunk (Steelhead)
Bunny Matuka (Steelhead)
Skinny Thor (Steelhead)
Leggy Stone (Trout)
Possie Bugger (Trout)
Soft Hackle (Trout)
Lightening Bug (Trout)

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