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Goddard Caddis

Trout Flies - Goddard Caddis 6 Flies - $18.00

A classic adult caddis fly imitation for summer and fall use. Made from spun antelope hair, this fly floats great, but don't be too quick to pick it up and recast. Let is dangle or even skate for a explosive take!

Works well from Spring through Fall

2 sizes to choose from.

Pattern Recipe and Notes:

Hook: Standard Dry size 10-14
Body: Spun & Clipped Antelope Body Hair
Hackle: Brown Dry Fly Hackle
Antenna: Hackle Stems

The Antelope Hair (being hollow) helps this fly float like a cork. Be sure to build up the head a bit before tying in the antenna to help seperate/elevate and keep them back from the eye for easier attachement to the tippet. Fibers from a paint brush (polyester) make a sturdy substitute for the antenna.

December 2018

Fish Species:
  Rainbow Trout
  Cutthroat Trout

Bug Species:
Various Caddis
Various Mayflies
Various Stoneflies

Fly Patterns
Metal Butt Skunk (Steelhead)
Bunny Matuka (Steelhead)
Skinny Thor (Steelhead)
Leggy Stone (Trout)
Possie Bugger (Trout)
Soft Hackle (Trout)
Lightening Bug (Trout)

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