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Bugbagz ™ Entomology Kit

Bugbagz Entomology Kit BugBagz Kit

In many cases, your success on the water depends on your knowledge of the insect population at that position and point in time. By taking the time to seine for insects, and re-seining as conditions change, you will enhance your knowledge of the river and increase your chances with the fish. Even better, you'll have the natural insect there to review while the hook is in the vise or when heading to the shop to prepare for your next outing.

Each kit includes a lightweight, zippered BugBagz™ case, four twist-cap double-sealed vials, forceps, durable kick-net, magnifier and water resistant Stream Log sheets for recording onstream data.

$29.95 each

December 2018

Fish Species:
  Rainbow Trout
  Cutthroat Trout

Bug Species:
Various Caddis
Various Mayflies
Various Stoneflies

Fly Patterns
Metal Butt Skunk (Steelhead)
Bunny Matuka (Steelhead)
Skinny Thor (Steelhead)
Leggy Stone (Trout)
Possie Bugger (Trout)
Soft Hackle (Trout)
Lightening Bug (Trout)

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